At Vibral, we focus on topics for the youth that generally have an educational intent. The scope is broad, from the humanities to the sciences. Visit the samples page to view some of the materials that we host.

Upload your writings to your own website and connect with readers across the web. Whether you’re a novelist, a short-story writer, a journalist, an academic or acopy editor – you need a space where you can feel at home, a kind of workshop where you can create your projects and connect with your readership even while you’re writing your pieces.

ebook-bundle If you have larger projects in mind, keep your momentum going by serialising your work and writing it in installments. Your readership grows and gives you feedback and direction – this is a particularly new and exciting way of growing your works.

You may also choose to publish your works through Vibral Press. We have options for publishing your works both for print media as well as for ebook readers such as the Kindle and others. Once you have a completed manuscript published with us, you can promote your work to your readers and track the progress of your sales. This can be especially exciting and rewarding work.

Through Vibral Press, you may also connect with our artists and photographers to add a visual edge to your text. The truth is that the reader of today expects image to accompany text, and through Vibral Press this is easy to accomplish.

At Vibral Press, we have a network of corporate clients and may invite you to connect with them. Corporate clients specify the genre of interest for their company and the medium required. For instance, they may require copy for advertising, marketing media or articles and writeups about their products and events.

Writers, get started by

registering a user account and free website at Vibral. Get connected with social media (facebook, twitter and linked in as a minimum) and once you’re up and running, attract people to your work by regularly blogging. Share these blogs on your social media and your on-line presence will grow. Encourage friends and family, colleagues working in the field, get your dog’s facebook account to like your blogs – whatever you can do to connect your blog to the outside world.

Rules-of-publishingIn particular, as writers, get into the habit of blogging regularly. Write a short piece perhaps once a week about your experiences. Provide your readers with tips and hints for their own work. In the text, provide references to your own work so that your readers become familiar with the rest of your site, and go on to become subscribers.

These are the steps needed to take your work viral, and Vibral Press will guide you at each stage in achieving the recognition and rewards that your work deserves.

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