Products & Services

Our products and services involve art installations, copy editing, content hosting and website design.


Art Installations

We create original works of art which varies in size from large-scale / bill board printing of simple advertisements, works of art and photography to showcase your institution, or even smaller works for office spaces.

Copy Editing

Our team of professional writers can produce text suitable for corporate documents, marketing materials and even modern websites. Our rates are quite competitive and our writers provide a wealth of experience in developing text that is readable and accessible through on-line media.

Website Design

We produce high quality web design with the modern essential characteristics of browser responsiveness, search engine friendliness (SEO), and social network connectivity. On the latest and most robust tools are used to ensure your sites maintain their look and feel, and our servers are up and running. The visitors to any website we design are impressed by the professionalism and ease of use in the experience.

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